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We expertly source outstanding passive talent, and reach out to them directly.  Employees who are not thinking about leaving their current employer will almost always be willing to hear about an employment opportunity that’s clearly superior to what they’re doing today.  Once candidates express potential interest in pursuing an opening with one of our clients, we put them through a pre-qualification process to ensure the probability of a two-way match is excellent.

We cast a wide net while searching and come to you with only those candidates who are highly qualified AND excited about the prospect of joining your company -- it's always quality above quantity.  And, we don't divulge your company identity to anyone we contact until mutual interest is established between you and the candidate presented.  That way you avoid any potential ill will from competitor employers because you never approached the employee... we did!  

Truth is the best talent never knows about your job opportunities.  The best talent is typically employed (often by your competitors), busy delivering results, and not looking for another job because they're passively satisfied. These are your ideal candidates -- the people you want to reach most of all; however, they'll never know about your job openings because they don’t have the time, or inclination, to search through an endless stream of job posting services.


Would you want to meet our top-flight, thoroughly vetted candidates if they were clearly better than anyone else responding to your job posts/ads?

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