*We invoice the first 8% after your new hire is employed 30 days; the final 8% isn't invoiced until after your new hire is successfully

People want to love where they work, so tell them why

Promote Your Employer Brand.

Our standard 16% fee* is cost-effective and our fee structure* comes with a tiered guarantee, providing solid confidence in our services.  

Despite all the factors that affect a business, employees have the greatest impact to the bottom line... It's That Simple. And, while finding GREAT talent may seem simple in theory, many companies find it's no simple matter.  An ideal job is no longer simply about a satisfying paycheck! Today's best talent is savvy about identifying the best career prospects.


At HR Ultimate, we simplify your talent management challenges.  We deliver simple solutions to ensure your brand grabs the attention of top-tier, passive job seekers and attracts right-fit people!

Our Recruiting Solutions Deliver Exceptional TALENT at a GREAT Value!

We've developed a robust talent pipeline by building enduring relationships with stand-out candidates.  Moreover, we factor in your company values and unique work culture when searching for that just-right fit.  The result? Talent Exquisitely Matched! 

What Matters Most?  Simple...Your People!

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they'll love your company.  We help define and market your culture so it's one your current employees clearly recognize, enthusiastically embrace and potential employees covet and seek out. 

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employed 90 days.  Fee percent (%) based only on the annualized base wage.  Fee is negotiable based on volume business.